De Haagsche Zwaan kantoor in Den Haag overdag.

De Haagsche Zwaan -
Office location for high-flyers

De Haagsche Zwaan is one of the most iconic buildings in The Hague.

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73 meters tall
20 floors
1000 m² per floor
Prime business district
Flexible office concepts
30 min to the international Airport Schiphol

The building

De Haagsche Zwaan building in The Hague.

De Haagsche Zwaan is a building unlike other in terms of appearance. With its modern high-grade steel and glass architecture and unusual geometry, it is one of the most iconic buildings in The Hague. But the real adventure takes place inside within its offices.

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The location

View from inside De Haagsche Zwaan offices in The Hague.

Whoever settles in offices at De Haagsche Zwaan, has many urban amenities in the immediate area: a conference center, the World Trade Center The Hague, the NH Hotel, fitness facilities and Therasiastraat with its many luxury shops, lunch and dinner options.

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The Tenants

Aptitude Health rents offices at De Haagsche Zwaan, The Hague.

The building is extraordinary, the location of the offices in The Hague excellent. It is therefore not surprising that companies like Kuwait Petroleum (Q8) and Deloitte have moved into De Haagsche Zwaan. And they have good reasons why they chose this location.

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News & Events

De Haagsche Zwaan and its tenants are always evolving. Keep up-to-date with the latest news.

  • Piet Mondrian year: Union Investment supports city dressing project in The Hague

    3rd April 2017

    Anyone travelling into the city centre of The Hague along the A12 motorway in the coming months will encounter the art of Piet Mondrian in various public spaces, thanks to a major city dressing project. As the owner of one of the tallest buildings in the city, Union Investment is also taking part.

  • Logo of Sabern.

    Sabern leases office space in the Hague Central Business District

    07 September 2016
    Union Investment Real Estate GmbH and Sabern have signed a long-term lease contract for 510 sq m and accompanying parking places in De Haagsche Zwaan building (Schenkkade).

  • Art work ‘White Swan’ removed from De Haagsche Zwaan

    13 July 2016
    Today the removal of the art work ‘White Swan’ has started; a 73 metres high ballerina on the facade of office building De Haagsche Zwaan. The dismantling of the 450 m2 of adhesive foil and 250 solar lights will take about three days.

  • Logo of Porting XS

    De Haagsche Zwaan is almost fully let

    06 January 2016
    Union Investment Real Estate GmbH have signed a long-term lease contract for office space at De Haagsche Zwaan with Porting XS.

  • FNLI/Levensmiddelenhuis Nederland agrees on lease in The Hague

    31 October 2014
    The Stichting Levensmiddelenhuis Nederland (SLN) has agreed a lease with Union Investment for approximately 515 s qm of office space.

  • Union Investment depicts ambitions in giant art project

    29 October 2014
    Prima ballerina of 450 s qm alongside highway A12, Utrechtse Baan

    Since October 29, 2014 a giant prima ballerina graces the facade of office building De Haagsche Zwaan in The Hague. White Swan, as the art project is called, is conceptualized and executed by Studio VollaersZwart.

  • Naco agrees on lease for 2,500 sq m in de Haagsche Zwaan

    02 September 2014
    Netherlands Airport Consultants (NACO), a subsidiary of Royal HaskoningDHV, will move its office to the Haagsche Zwaan building at the end of 2014.

  • Kuwaiti Minister of Oil visits De Haagsche Zwaan

    19 June 2014
    Kuwaiti Minister of Oil, his excellency Dr. Ali Al-Omair visited De Haagsche Zwaan in which the Kuwait Petroleum International (Q8) European headquarters is located. He met the Kuwait management and the young Kuwait staff members.

  • Union Investment leases out 1.600 s qm in the Hague

    13 May 2014
    Union Investment and Aptitude Health have agreed on a long-term lease agreement for approximately 1,600 sq m of office space in landmark property De Haagsche Zwaan.

Art at De Haagsche Zwaan: The people behind the ballerina

“We used a ballerina as a metaphor for the ambitions that are pursued every day on the inside of De Haagsche Zwaan.”

Madje Vollaers

Owner of studio VollaersZwart

The ‘White Swan’ by Studio VollaersZwart

For months, you could hardly miss the enormous ballerina on the facade of office building De Haagsche Zwaan, when going to The Hague by motorway A12, Utrechtse Baan. The ‘White Swan’, as the project is called, was conceptualized and executed by Studio VollaersZwart in commission of property owner Union Investment. Madje Vollaers and Pascal Zwart, owners of Studio VollaersZwart, tell us more about the idea behind the ballerina.

Preview image for video on the Ballerina at De Haagsche Zwaan

Madje: “We always explore the interaction between various disciplines such as architecture, sculpture, couture, culture and communication. We use the public space as the platform for our design activities. When property owner Union Investment asked us to think of an eye-catching concept for De Haagsche Zwaan we were triggered by the ambition that the building shows. The state-of-the-art architecture with the facade tilting over the highway, sets the building apart from other office buildings. To capture this ambition in one image, we immediately thought of a prima ballerina. We got inspired by the well-known choreography ‘Swan Lake’ based on the music of Tsjaikovski. This ballet portrays the transformation of a white swan into a beautiful princess. We thought it to be appropriate to use the white swan embodied by a prima ballerina as a metaphor for the ambitions that are pursued every day on the inside of the building.”

Prestigious project

The Ballerina on the façade of the De Haagsche Zwaan building.

The ballerina was made of adhesive foil that was placed on the windows. 250 solar lights were placed on top of the sticker. By doing so, the outline of the ballerina could also be seen at night. The actual mounting of the ballerina on the facade took five days. But the planning and elaboration already started in March 2014.

Madje explains: “A project of this scale always takes a lot of time for planning and elaboration as there are so many different stakeholders involved. The property owner, the tenants in the building, the architect, the suppliers of the material… ; they all need to approve the idea. The fact that we were able to go through with the initial concept, is yet another example of the shared ambitions of all the people involved. That makes the project even more special.”

Ambitions to go abroad

In The Netherlands, Studio VollaersZwart is renowned for its work. In 2013 Madje and Pascal were awarded with the prestigious IFEA Pinnacle Award for their on site decor for the exhibition The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier in museum De Kunsthal. But the ambitions of VollaersZwart go further than the Dutch borders. “It’s our goal to have our work spread over all the big cities in the world”, says Pascal. “We are currently looking for possibilities in New York, Madrid, Miami and Warsaw.”

More information on Studio VollaersZwart can be found here

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